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Akufo-Addo's campaign team revealed

Comment: "Cool, Nana, But Measure Twice & Cut Once"

2008-02-05 16:59:24
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I think you are blind!!! Fela!

Yes, you can't teach old cats or dogs new tricks. They get stuck to what they learned as cubs. However, human beings have an infinite capacity to learn new tricks?the good, the bad and the ugly?and could be very devilish, self-centered, satanic, ?konkonsa?, skin pain, kokotako, born to damage, etc., etc.

For Party Unity, eye (yes), but for real-for real, nay (no). The very people who campaigned against you during the primaries "shouldn't be FULLY TRUSTED" as good allies. They still want the position of being president and why should Nana Akufo-Addo bring all of them, wholesale, on board?without a ?secrecy PLEDGE of absolute loyalty to him? and in the event of disagreement that person should excuse himself or resign from a cabinet position, if any.

What I see with this picture is "RECYCLING" of the same old people as cabinet ministers in Nana Akufo-Addo's administration, which I don't find to be sexy or cool. We don't need a MONOPOLY over cabinet positions, Ambassadorial and other high-powered appointments in the Party and Country. Nana should bring in some new and fresh faces in his presidential campaign, so the people would know he cares about all Ghanaians and not those already known. If they were, and still are, all that good, then why didn't the delegates vote for them? Just look at how many votes some of them got.

So, Nana, in dealing with your former opponents, ?MEASURE TWICE, BUT CUT ONCE?: That's the adage for smart carpenters?meaning "BE VERY CAREFULL just like making love to a Porcupine". =============================================================================================================

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02-05 15:20
"Cool, Nana, But Measure Twice & Cut Once"
02-05 16:59