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Rawlings Meditations on Africa?s Democracy

Comment: good piece?

Gilbert Salam (gsalam87@hotmai
2008-02-05 11:58:31
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Rawlings Meditations on Africa?s Democracy

Hello Kofi,
What a nice article. The problems in African democracy is the lack of transparency and accountability. Even our so call chiefs these days do not feel accountable to their subjacts.
To be honest Rawlings would not have given up power without pressure from the donor countries. Unfortunately, by the time Rawlings ended his term as president of Ghana his administration was more corrupted than the military regimes and that of Liman's administration all put together.
It does not matter the method of governmental system we use in Ghana, without accountability and transparency the system would not work.
Democracy works in the western countries because politicians and government appointed officials are held accountable.

Keep the good work.

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02-05 01:49
good piece?
Gilbert Salam (gsalam87@hotmai
02-05 11:58