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Rawlings Meditations on Africa?s Democracy

Comment: Let's not deceive ourselves!

2008-02-05 09:53:53
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Rawlings Meditations on Africa?s Democracy

Africa knows very little about democracy! Let's not deceive ourselves neither should Rawlings deceive himself!

We sometimes act like beasts on a rampage. We foolishly follow leaders who are politically disillusioned, corrupt and drunk with power and have no love for their nation.

Africans are quick to pick up axes, cutlasses, clubs to kill over every little provocation. Let's not deceive ourselves.

The history of Rawlings, Boakye Gyan and AFRC in Ghana is on record.

Let's not go there! The actions of Odinga and his rival president of Kenya, and the masacre of over innocent people makes no one, none in Africa sensible and democratic. Who are we kidding?

No one can forgive Africa for the ethnic cleansing of Rwanda, when Kofi Annan was the head of UN. Today, he (Annan) has grown to see that if our leaders will stop, think and act, then we will be head thinking democracy.

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02-05 01:49
Let's not deceive ourselves!
02-05 09:53