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Why Kenya will not happen in Ghana.
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Opinions of Monday, 28 January 2008

Columnist: NPP

Why Kenya will not happen in Ghana.

NPP-USA Inc. vehemently condemns the fear mongering tactics being employed by the Rawlings appointed, thrice defeated flag bearer of NDC, Prof. Ata-Mills. Already sensing defeat, Prof. Atta-Mills announced at his recent press conference that the civil unrest currently going on in Kenya will happen in Ghana if NPP rigs the 2008 elections. Prof. Mills shamelessly went on to allege that NPP rigged the 2004 elections: an election to which he conceded defeat without coercion.

Prof. Atta Mills and his NDC should be reminded that if the events taking place in Kenya would happen in Ghana, then it should have occurred in 1992 when NDC stole the electoral victory of NPP and went ahead with impunity to rule Ghana even when NPP boycotted Parliament.

There is no symbiosis between Ghana and Kenya in the context of our political history. Usually, political developments in Ghana replicate themselves in Nigeria and vice versa, and not in Ghana and Kenya. Ghana attained its independence through political negotiations, mediation and civil disobedience, whereas Kenya under Jomo Kenyatta and his Mau Mau resorted to jungle warfare to snatch independence from the British. The conditions in Kenya that led to the tribal conflict do not mirror what prevails in Ghana. Currently, the two major political parties in Ghana, NPP and NDC are both led by Akans, Nana Akufo-Ado is an Akan of Akyem extraction, and similarly, Prof. Atta- Mills is also an Akan of Fanti extraction. Therefore the question is which tribe is going to fight who if Prof. Ata-Mills’ NDC should lose the election?

Furthermore, the distinctions between the 2004 Ghana elections and the 2007 Kenya elections are glaring. With the 2007 Kenya elections members of Kenya Electoral Commission dispute the results; International observers dispute the results; the points separating the two candidates in Kenya is low. Whereas in Ghana 2004 elections, our P/NDC appointed Electoral Commission staff unequivocally declared President Kuffour the winner; International observers lauded the 2004 poll as one of the cleanest, and almost a 5% point spread between his Excellency J.A.Kuffour and Atta Mills. It is no wonder that even the pathological liar, former president JJ Rawlings could not say the 2004 elections in Ghana was rigged at his just concluded lecture in Abuja. This lie is cooked by Prof. Atta Mills purely for local consumption.

NPP will win the 2008 elections convincingly on its superior track record of national achievements in the field of democratic multiparty political governance, the rule of law, control of corruption, stability and control of the microeconomic disturbances of the NDC inflation from 54% to less than 10%, the NDC bank interest rate of 48% to under 20% and the cedi rate of exchange which collapsed from C2,500 in March 2000 to C7,500 in November 2000 of the NDC administration to now four years stability of C9,200 under our government. The freedom of expression and the repeal of the NDC Criminal Libel Law, the development of the local industry and the establishment of the Export Development Fund, the EDIF, the Venture Capital, and the micro loan schemes to help develop small size industries, the ECOWAS Investment Fund are all evidence of progress under the NPP. In Education the Capitation facilities and the school feeding program are all made available by the NPP administration to promote education in the country. Ghanaians benefit from affordable Housing programs for the low income and The National Health Insurance Scheme, as opposed to the NDC cash and carry health care program. The NPP is synonymous with incomparable International respectability, the listening government which denounces “mo ka koraa na me ye no more” of the NDC era, the well laid foundation for human services as evidenced by a whole ministry for children and families as against NDC Santa Claus who distributes toys for children after Christmas.

Why would Ghanaians give stewardship of the country to NDC, the party that looted the country into near bankruptcy that forced her to go HIPIC, after NPP has stabilized the economy and on the verge of transitioning to a middle income economy? How can Ghanaians trust the NDC to manage its oil money, having stayed in opposition for seven years and almost depleted their stolen loot? This will be tantamount to giving stewardship of your fattening calf to a starving wolf. The discerning people of Ghana will surely give NPP the mandate once more to take Ghana to the promise land. Any group of hooligans who are anticipating unleashing vandalism on the peace loving people of Ghana shall bear the wrath of the people.

The NDC has long operated on the false assumption that we Ghanaians are cowards; therefore, they could rule us against our will through lies and intimidation. Our advice to the NDC is as follows: a relentless pursuit of a coward brings forth his bravery. Take heed!

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