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CPP congress is a turning point for the party - Akosa

Comment: THE BIG LIE

Conventional Youth
2007-10-24 09:26:20
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Re: Wishful thinking


I has been said that the fabrication of the “big lie” is essential in the planning of any unsurpation of political power. In the case of Ghana, the big lie told to the world was that Ghana needed to be rescued from “ economic chaos” Various other lies were hinged to this central lie. The country was said to be hopelessly in debt and the people were on the verge of starvation . Among the lies aimed against Nkrumah was the one that he had accumulated a large private fortune; this was to form the basis for an all-out character assassination attempt. But all these lies were subsidiary to the bid lie of “economic mismanagement”, which was to prove an umbrella excuse for the seizure of power by NEO-COLONIALIST INSPIRED TRAITORS.

If Ghana was in such serious economic condition, why was there no lack of investment in her growing industries ? Investors do not put their money in mismanaged enterprises and unstable economies. Why did the imperialist powers try to exert an economic squeeze on Ghana? No one in his right mind bothers to attack an already-dying concern. Who made up the figures of Ghana’s already supposed “debt” ? Why was only one side of the ledger shown- why no mention of assets?. How can the obvious evidence of the modernisation and industrialisation of Ghana, such as the new roads, factories, schools and hospitals, the harbour and town of Tema, the Volta and Teffle bridges and Volta dam be reconciled with the charge of wasted expenditure? If the Ghanaian people were starving, why no evidence of this, and why no popular participation in the “coup”? How was it that Ghana had the highest living standard in Africa per capita , the highest literacy rate, and was the nearest to achieving genuine economic independence? All these questions, and many related to them, are now being asked. An examination of our development plans and of their implementation reveal the truth- that it was their success and not their failure which spurred our enemies into action. GHANA, on the threshold of economic independence , and in the vanguard of the African revolutionary struggle to achieve CONTINENTAL LIBERATION AND UNITY, was too dangerous an example to the rest of Africa to be allowed to continue under SOCIALIST DIRECTED GOVERNMENT.

In the first ten years of it’s administration, the Ghana government drew up the First and Second Five Year Development plans (1951-1956 and 1964), AND THE COSOLIDATION PLAN , which covered the two-year gab between these PLANS ( 1957- 1959 ). Under these PLANS the foundation were to be laid for THE MODERNISATION AND INDUSTRILISATION OF GHANA. A skilled labour force was to be trained and adequate complement of public services built up such as TRANSPORT, ELECTRICITY, WATER AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS.

They had to work fast. Under colonial rule. Foreign monopoly interest had tied up the economy to suit themselves. Ghana had not a single industry. The economy was dependant on one cash crop—COCOA. Although our output of cocoa is the largest in the world, THRE WAS NOT

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Conventional Youth
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