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Some ministers were non-performers

Comment: i can`t believe what am hearin

2007-08-30 18:38:10
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Normally l like to read people`s comments but this time around i can`t take it.Not to use insults.....Dr.Kuffor as a presidential hopeful making these statements dishearten me, how on earth you going to down grade our famers by saying "poor famersomewhere" when your bother became president.
2)When he was ask what he do better than his brother, his answer was " i will have oil money...bla..bla bla.Another inexprience speech, how can you count your eggs before they are hatch...........i don`t think that is how nations are built.
3)On the question of u.s. base;an answer i don`t even know how to called or term it; that is u.s. is too powerful for a "small" country like Ghana to stop it from establishing bases around the world...So what...?what if Ghanaians do`t want base on their soil.Vatican city is small terriorty why they the u.s. establish base there?
Am not for or against base establishment but a whole presidential hopeful saying this makes me think out dear country has been sold already for outsider in the name of globalization.And really one does not get wisedom from books.Sorry DR. Kuffor am disappointed.

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08-30 02:02
i can`t believe what am hearin
08-30 18:38