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Some ministers were non-performers


Nana Ansah
2007-08-30 10:47:11
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"Some of my competitors did not perform well as ministers of state and have nothing to show for their stewardship. This is why they are harping my blood relations with the President just to frustrate my ambition but they will not succeed," he said.

Today Addo Kufour is saying or confirming what even the little child in Ghana knows. It is not some but the team of ministers are non-performers and bootlickers who failed Ghana big time so he cannot exclude himself.
After the match, the question ask is who won? The simple and direct answer is we won or lost but not the typical Ghanaian explanatory answer which does not carry weight anymore. If a team is not performing well the individual achievement can not standout because you win as a team and lose as a team together.

"If I become President I would have oil money at my disposal so I would spend more lavishly on national development than my brother did."

How can a would be president or wannabe president make such a poor statement? A would be president with a real mission and a vision would not spend lavishly and fail like his brother JAK did but would rather spend the oil money, if by then we have not borrowed beyond our means, prudently to better the lot of poor Ghanaians with the basic amenities. A would be leader would invest in the human capacity and management of Ghanaians by increasing the number of tertiary education for it is then and only then will be in a position to run our country properly. We have had enough of your lavishness and show-offs with nothing behind.

"Dr. Addo-Kufuor pointed out he would declare his assets and order all of his officials to do the same and persons found wanting dealt with speedily."

What is hindering him from doing it now? Stop this WHEN and IF Addo Kufour.

Concerning recent rumours of a coup attempt, Dr. Addo-Kufuor stated that, "I can tell you that we recently averted a coup attempt but I can't say as of now whether anybody is planning another coup in his private home".

How this man be a leader of country when he has forgotten what he said three weeks ago? Three weeks ago in one of his campaign Addo Kuffour said: “ due to his efficiency and competence as the then Defence Minister, there has not being a single coup attempt in the country since the NPP assumed office seven years ago.” Now we hear we recently foiled a coup attempt. How can Addo Kufour contradict himself and make statements full of lapses?
Is he suffering from amnesia or Alzheimer disease? If not then he is simply a liar. We don't need a liar to be our president.

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Nana Ansah
08-30 10:47