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Some ministers were non-performers


Kojo Amankwah (USA)
2007-08-30 10:22:20
Comment to:
Some ministers were non-performers - Addo-Kufuor

We know Addo Kufour was a medical doctor before he became politician.For Addo Kufour to say that he wasn't "a poor farmer somewhere" before his President brother "picked me and made me a minister," is a big-time derogatory statement against hard-working and noble Ghanaian farmers.He simply implies it is not possible for a farmer to have the opportunity to advance.But he is wrong.
By his statement,Addo Kufour has shown his stupid arrogance and his entrenched disrespect for our galant farmers who are feeding our nation.Addo Kufour has disqualified himself to be president with his belief that it is not appropriate for a farmer to be appointed as a minister of state.Addo Kufour's comment reflect the typical stereotypes of the so-call elite politicians about Ghanaian farmers.
Addo Kufour must appologise to Ghanaian farmers and their families for his arrogant and derogatory comment.I expect to see Addo Kufour appologise in order to convince Ghanaian farmers that he is humble enough to deserve their vote.If he does not appologise for his comment, I can assure readers that Addo Kufour is finished with his ambition rather than a genuine desire to serve the nation. Nobody is going to vote for him without a sincere appology. That is simple.

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08-30 02:02
Kojo Amankwah (USA)
08-30 10:22