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Some ministers were non-performers

Comment: Pepeni is not derogatory

The Teacher
2007-08-30 08:31:33
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Be smart, u dont amuse me!

Please, for Heaven sake do not say what you do not know. "Pepeni" is not derogatory. "Pe" in Ashanti means "the most appropriate" The word originated from the experience of our Elders had with the people of the North.
Any time there was confusion between two people and one of the people from the North was called as a witness he or she told the truth.
They did not colour thier accounts. They said it as it was. They said it "pe pee pe" meaning "just as it was" hence "pepeni" meaning "the one who says it as it was" or the "truthful one". If anybody thinks he is using the word to demean people from the North then the person is displaying crass ignorance. The person is not different from the illiterate who thought that "good morning" was an insult and went and confronted a stranger, who had greeted him: "Good morning" when he met him while he was on his way to the farm.
In the same way "ntaafo" is also not derogatory. When the people from the North came to stay among the Akans they were alway found together. They did things together so our Elders referred to them as "Ntaafo" meaning twins - that they behaved like twins since they did things together always. Please, do not spread your ignorance.

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Pepeni is not derogatory
The Teacher
08-30 08:31