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Some ministers were non-performers

Comment: i see capable Addo-Kufuor

osei yaw - london
2007-08-30 07:55:34
Comment to:
Some ministers were non-performers - Addo-Kufuor

- Addo-Kufuor souds good to me

- i have watched the rather too many ambitious lot wishing to lead the NPP

- Addo-Kufuor must be the 'top' of the bunch; and

- i do not want to read stupid but hurting mud slinging nonsenses that Addo-Kufuor is not capable or competent from semi-literate buffoon NANA AMMA OBENEWAAs to say Addo-Kufuor is no good for reasons of being the brother of our present wise and humble President, and that he is an Asante to boot

- i canvass the NPP to pick him

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08-30 02:02
i see capable Addo-Kufuor
osei yaw - london
08-30 07:55