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Some ministers were non-performers

Comment: PRESIDENT?- NO WAY!!!!

2007-08-30 07:42:39
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Re: Some ministers were non-performers - Addo-Kufu

WHO CARES?,WHY CAN'T WE DISCUSS THE ISSUES AND STOP THESE NONESENSE OF FACIAL APPEARANCE? HAVING SAID THAT I THINK DR. KUFFOUR HAS ALREADY BEGAN SHOWING SOME INEXPERIENCES IN HIS SPEACHES.I WILL QUOTE HIM IN A MINUTE BUT HE SEEMS TO BE ARROGANT TOO.WHY WOULD A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SAY THAT"People talk as if when my brother became President I was a poor farmer somewhere and he picked me and made me a Minister," DOES IT MEAN THAT A FARMER CAN'T BE A MINISTER OR A PRESIDENT?IS THAT IN OUR CONSTITUTION? HE ALSO SAID "Some of my competitors did not perform well as ministers of state and have nothing to show for their stewardship. This is why they are harping my blood relations with the President just to frustrate my ambition but they will not succeed," WHY WERE THEY STILL IN THE GOV.? IF HE WAS REALLY THAT GOOD AND A TRUE SERVANT, HE WOULD HAVE RESIGNED TO PROTEST THE POOR PERFORMANCES OF THESE GUYS IF THE PRESIDENT LEFT THEM ON.
HE IS VYING ON THE MONEY FROM THE OIL ALREADY,HAHAHAAAAA!!! HOW SOON WOULD THE MONEY START FLOWING? DOES ANY ONE KNOWS? HE IS A TRUE PORTRAIT OF THE "MATEMEHO" TRADITION.THAT WOULD BE A DISASTER FOR GHANA RIGHT NOW.LISTEN TO HIM AGAIN "If I become President I would have oil money at my disposal so I would spend more lavishly on national development than my brother did.". BUT I GIVE HIM A LITTLE CREDIT FOR DOING SOMETHING HIS BROTHER HAS NEVER DONE BEFORE,GIVING SOME CREDIT TO THE NDC FOR WHAT THEY DID FOR HIM PERSONALLY FOR THE STATES BENEFIT, AND ALSO FOR THE STATE,READ THIS, "Dr. Addo-Kufuor credited the National Democratic Congress(NDC) for affording him the opportunity to study the health-financing situation in several countries, which prepared him to champion the National Health Insurance Scheme.

He also credited the NDC for constructing the first phase of the 37 Military Hospital project before he tackled the second phase as Minister of Defence."NOT A PRESIDENT BUT HE WILL BE A MORDERATE STATESMAN.

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