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Some ministers were non-performers

Comment: Akoa yi aye hot

Akua Afrakoma-Mununkum
2007-08-30 07:36:47
Comment to:
Some ministers were non-performers - Addo-Kufuor

He is insulting my cocoa farmers out of his own frustrations.

But he has forgotten that he has been fed, sheltered , clothed and educated with the preceeds generating from the so-called "poor farmers".

He is refusing to admit that the economy of Ghana is agricultural based economy.

The fish he eat from the fish ponds, the cattle and Akrantie meat he eat to acquire enough proteins,the Ampesie,Kontomire and Fufuo he eats are all products from the so-called poor farmers.

The roads that are linking his prefered mini Accra-Tema Metropolis, Kumasi, and the sub standard Secondi Takoradi cities for his expensive cars have all been made possible out of the loan guarantees using the Akuafuo Cocoa as a collateral security.

I`m not intimidated and insulted at all from someone who hails from Apagyafie and has profited hugely from the money coming from farm lands.

Thank you for being so naive to insult my Akurase Akuafuo.

To remind you, you have lost the Akuafuo vote, and do not forget that they also form about 75% of Ghana`s population.

This figure above excludes the Ahiafuo in the sub standard cities who also owns cocoa farms down there in the wilderness.

Mr. Richman Bright Wiseman, stay in your world of wisdom and fortune, and leave my Akuafuo Ahiafuo in perfect harmony and in peace

Sorry , you`ve lost the Akuafuo Ahiafuo vote..!

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08-30 02:02
Akoa yi aye hot
Akua Afrakoma-Mununkum
08-30 07:36