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Some ministers were non-performers

Comment: OIL MONEY!!!

Say It As it is
2007-08-30 06:14:36
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The answer to the question what will you do diffrent from what your brother did or have done?

Have exposed Addo Kuffuor completly. His answer shows that as at now if he were to be the president, he has nothing to offer the country. I thnk the way he anwered the question show how inmature this man is to lead the country. He as a matter of fact have realy have seen how this country can easily be govern by any foolish person if only he or she can show his or her teeth.

I want to ask, does he may be think that as his brother who in reality have been a failuer as a president could have stayed on for eight years then he can also do the the same?

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Say It As it is
08-30 06:14