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Some ministers were non-performers


2007-08-30 04:30:09
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You are not a Farmers Son!!!!!

Kwesi you seem to have had some education, but i'm sorry,i think you're ignorant. Most people in authority(esp Politicians) have a code of conduct: and there's such thing as "Political Correctness". Mr Addo Kuffour clearly failed rather shamefully in this instance. It is obvious you have an unfading support for him, but a politician shouldn't say anything in jest, and farmers need not to complain before we find what he said about them a hard folly.

In my opinion, the man is politically naive, which is shocking, considering how long he's been involved in. His whole speech is amateurish: he mentioned(briefly) his achievements as a minister which no one knows of, and caused a major blunder by praising the opposition party: now tell me is this a man you want to lead Ghana in this day and age? His brother couldn't even talk to himself - as an AU president, he's failed in getting UN troops to sudan, failed to reach a deal in a very pressing issue, as african unity. As a president of Ghana, he signed the common agriculture policy with the USA, which is not in the interest of the nation, and will come back to hunt as. He credits himself with Ghana's economic growth(which is not sustainable),though we all know its a result of the growth in the global economy.
We need to face facts and never let how affection and support for a particular politician crowd our otmost wish, that a visionary man leads our beloved country.

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