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Some ministers were non-performers

Comment: OIL MONEY INDEED!!!!!!

2007-08-30 04:22:47
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Mr tee...check your facts

How will you feel if you were a poor farmer?Imagine you were a poor farmer and his becoming president depended on your vote;think about it.This is a clear sign of immaturity.
Leaders or those who intend to lead must weigh their words because it is their most valuable asset.When misused they are bound to fail.So they should better pay attention to their language and stop being self-aggrandizement.

About spending lavishly the oil money on public project,it has helped me solve a puzzle that has been keeping me sleepless for many a night;why a small country like Ghana has a political party which has almost seventeen politicians aspiring to be the presidential candidate;OIL IS THE ANSWER and LINING THEIR POCKETS WITH THE REVENUE IS THEIR SOLUTION. Thank you so much for making me solve my puzzle.

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