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Some ministers were non-performers

Comment: Mind your Words!

Dr Frank Ohemeng (UK)
2007-08-30 03:26:25
Comment to:
Some ministers were non-performers - Addo-Kufuor

I hope this is not the tone of your campaign, Dr Addo Kuffour. You must always be generous in your comments. Your accusing fellow former ministers as non-performimg casts a slur on the government which you were part. It also points to the poor judgement of your brother President Kuffour for appointing those individuals as mimisters. Some things are better left unsaid for its wider ramifications.

If I were a farmer in Ghana, I would be disappointed in your choice of words. Are farmers not fit to be Ministers, or is it the rich ones? It shows the low regard people in higher places hold for farmers.

Lastly, I am concerned about the use you would put the oil revenue should you become President. It needs careful planning of joined up policies to lift Ghana from where it is languishing now. Such flippant comments on spending lavishly before the revenue is here makes me highly suspicious. Is this the reason why so many of you are bidding to become President?

PLEASE PLEASE NPP, be reasonable, find the mechanism to cut down the numbers, unite behind a few and select in a matured fitting manner. We do not want the other lot but you are manufacturing the sticks with which they will beat you come the campaign proper.

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08-30 02:02
Mind your Words!
Dr Frank Ohemeng (UK)
08-30 03:26