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Addo Kufuor Contradicts Himself

Comment: The Babirusa In A Frenzy?

Julor Jato (J.J.)Rawlings
2007-08-18 07:23:23
Comment to:

I had doubted if you ever had any good upbringing in the orphanage where you were alleged to have been brought up,but the latest utterances from your gobbet indicates that we were all wrong and that you are the street kid no one wanted to adopt. For such a nuisance to vomit invectives on yours sincerely is anyway not surprising. What is surprising however is your dauntless effort to equate yours sincerely with your God,Ghana's Osama Bin Laden,Julor Jato(J.J.) Rawlings aka Gyamfi Paul. What pleases yours sincerely is the fact that it has sunk into your head that your god is an Ofiri jato and a thief of immeasurable grades and therefore you have no doubt that I am using his name. I am glad you have got that message clear and loud without any ambiguity.That has made my day.Never forget, I eat twats for my dessert and your silly decision of blindly heading in yours sincerely's direction will not leave you unscathed. So long,bloke ...........

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08-17 01:54
The Babirusa In A Frenzy?
Julor Jato (J.J.)Rawlings
08-18 07:23