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Addo Kufuor Contradicts Himself

Comment: Who Does Not Know That ....

Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
2007-08-17 06:53:11
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Addo Kufuor Contradicts Himself

When the Notorious Dirty Criminals(NDC)begin to feel the heat then the news outlets of their stable begin coming out with innuendos. Jato Julor Rawlings has been caught pants down in a bribery scandal and they are trying to wish and wash the topic of the season away with such diversionary ploys which the average Ghanaian will not like to be part of it. Who in this world does not know that Julor Jato Rawlings and his bunch of hooligans are professional coup makers? Who does not know this ? And who does not know that after getting out of power, he was always running around our military installations until he was banned by Dr. Addo Kufuor to stay away from any of our military installations ? What was he seeking there or searching for ? Oh palaver newspaper, your editor Joojo Bruce Quansah slaughtered a fowl and smeared his body with the blood of a fowl and then reported being attacked by robbers,just because his house needed to be auctioned to pay Add Kufuor for his lies against him in a libel case. Since he has nothing more to lose in a libel case again he has started his lying again. The media commission need to demand the residential addresses of all these NDC propaganda newspapers which have no addresses. In which civilized country can a newspaper be allowed on the newstands without the newspaper having an address?

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08-17 01:54
Who Does Not Know That ....
Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
08-17 06:53