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Addo Kufuor Contradicts Himself

Comment: Addo Kufuor told lies

2007-08-17 06:12:33
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Addo Kufuor Contradicts Himself

Well, agian if this report is true, then the whole government and not only the ex-Defence Minister lied to the nation. It could also mean that some innocent people might have been wrongly arrested and detained, if not languished in jail. Where are all those arrested for the alledged coup plots? They deserve an apology and appropriate compensation.

Announcements about coup plots are signs of instability and lack of a country's democartic credentials. So why would a government that is proud of its liberal democarcitc origins peddle lies about coup attempts?

The media should also take some responsibility for such misinformation and lies. They should have investigated the allegations and interviewed those arrested as well as the state security agencies to come out with the truth rather reporting whatever politicians were telling them. Please give us some investgative reporting and do not wait till politicaian are out of office before raising accountability issues.

The media has a very importanat role to play in developing and strengthening democracy. With press freedom in Ghana, journalists should be able to question what all politicians say and do.

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Addo Kufuor told lies
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