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Ewe history book is launched

Comment: ORAL HISTORY from ancestors

2007-08-16 09:36:05
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Ewe history book is launched

First of all, my warmest congratulations to the author Mr.Kudzordzi.Any great and ancient family in Volta Region of Ghana has oral trsmission from his/her ancestors(like all ethinic groups in Ghana) where they came from,but must be certified/substantiated also by written documents (if in existence at all)!I'm very anxious to lay hand on a copy of this book and ,possibly give my very litle contribution,since I certainly wrote down the oral history of my clan before coming to Europe in 1965.This oral history dates as far back the years of the abominable Slave Trade on the West African Coast.The ancient feudal system of governance enhanced through African Religious Beliefs(TROKOSI&VUDU .ETC)are still fresh in my memory.As a boy I used to participate at Trokosi fetish celebrations.Thank to Mr.Raymond Okudjeto (from my district)for having launched this very important initiative.About the Ewe Language too,I have an ancient book that made research into some African languages.Enough for today. Please information on how to get the book.

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ORAL HISTORY from ancestors
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