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Ewe history book is launched

Comment: Educative

Sappey-Agbo, Avenorpeme
2007-08-16 06:45:26
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Ewes - Our Proud History

Peggy, in your piece you did not indicate if it's a review of the book that was purportedly launched at Ho or if it's another spectrum of the history of the Ewes. It makes interesting reading and quite laudable,however, I presume space didn't afford you the luxury of touching on the other groups such as the Avenors for example. I know from experience that, the closest allies of the Anlos are Avenors and are interrelated through marriage. My own lineage settled in Avenor from We in Anlo like most other Avenors but apart from speculations, the Avenors - who are sandwiched between the Anlos in the south, the Aves in the east and the Agaves in the north - are presumed to be a strand of the Anlos.

Indeed,my family history has it that, my ancestors,- Torgbui Gadagbui and his half-brother Torgbui Adzaho- led an expedition to Peki, conquered the King of Peki, captured the Stool of Peki and returned home with it. I want to know if there is any historical documentation covering this war and other wars. I was also reliably informed that ,the Asantes were our allies in other wars too.

By the way. even though I am named after the greatest King of the Somes who ever lived (Sape Agbo), I never knew that the people were settlers from Old Keta and can only recommend the this new historical collection to all Ghanaians and to all Ewes in particular. 'Nunya de, Adidotsie wonye. Asi metenu sune o'. I am interested in your exposition. May be we can discuss this further. My email: Have a wonderful day.

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Sappey-Agbo, Avenorpeme
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