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Ewe history book is launched

Comment: Jesus comes soon. Are U ready?

2007-08-15 18:23:26
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Greedy Foundation

VR has not been left behind. Volta region has not been left behind at all. It is in your mind - Grow your mind, and stop listening to unintelligent and backward people.

Maybe you have been left behind, but most of the Ewes I know are not. They excel everywhere.

The Ewes have put together an enviable and immeasurable intellectual porperty that will transform into hard wealth in leaps and bounds in the next decade.

If you have not built that intellectual property then you are behind some Ewes, but not the other African tribes. For the African, there is no front and no behind.

Those Asantis making noise about being ahead of you are the poorest. Ever head of the "empty barrel?"

The Ewes have also built a vast goodwill in Africa. When Rawlings steps up, Nigerians, Cameroonians and even African Americans step up to protect and promote him. Why do you think that happens?

Intellectual property and goodwill. He has differentiated himself and created a brand of the African that is different from the mediocre African brand of low intelligence for which the Asantes epitomize.

And if you are not aware of the value of Intellectual property and Goodwill, ask a savvy accountant.

There are those who would like you to be like them, and they will despise you when you are being different from them. They will even discriminate against you for your differrence beause it makes them look inferior.

When Kufuor and his ilks try to pin drummed bribery and corruption on Rawlings; what do you think is the motivation? It is simple. They want to believe and prove that he is no better than them and no diferent from the lowlife that they are.

The worthless would like everyone else to be worthless, so there will be no glaring difference. A glaring difference hits the worthless in the face and paints worthlessness defects too clearly.

Even a thief does not like to be called a thief; neither does even a ballhead like to be called a balbhead, or a fat woman a fat woman.

A fat woman who cannot help being fat wishes everyone one on earth were fat too just like insecure whites hate to see happy black people. it challenges all the assumptons they live by.

My point is that the Ewes have built for themselves an Intellectual property and Goodwill, and are very lucky to have force and strength to back it.

That is more than silver and Gold if we know how to sell that.

Read Jewish history and see how they created the niche place they occupy today as the intelligent ones, financiers and businessmen and the first children of God. It is all based on intellectual property and Goodwill; not gold, and not forests.

The only people an Ewe must look up to as ahead of him may be some progressive whites and some progressive Asians who are already cashing in on their intellectual property and Goodwill.

Do not compare yourselves with or to loosers or Drug peddlers, or beggars, or corrupt thieves and children of prostitutes. Their place is in prisons, and wealth gotten illegaly does not last.

Look yonder and aim for the heavens; not neanthertalanders.

But if you have not started to cultivate your untellectual property then you are getting late. Stop listening to backward people and start cultivating your mind.

The comming decade will see the great transformational yieldings of the Ewe intellectual property and Goodwill.

The Ewe Jesus comes soon. Are you ready?

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Jesus comes soon. Are U ready?
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