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Ewe history book is launched

Comment: There are Prempehs in Peki Adz

2007-08-15 16:37:15
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yaw rat or bull dog

There are Prempeh families who are directly descended from the Asanteheni Prempeh's lineage even today at Peki Adzokoe.

History has it that they were captured in one of the wars and are now free - free at last slaves - at Peki Adzokoe. No pun intended because we are all brothers and sisters and neighbours. I am just trying to learn fucking history, and most history is just myths and fairy tales.

But the Prempehs still carry their names, and they are sweet Ewes with autonomy over their lands and farms and education like any other ewe family.

There are also the Amofas, Adusei's, Asamoahs, Irrn boy and follow me at Peki. This is pure Ewe hisotry

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There are Prempehs in Peki Adz
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