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Ewe history book is launched

Comment: Re: To madam & commandree

Master & Commander
2007-08-15 16:36:47
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To madam & commandree

Fool, an imbecile like you is only good to accompany our great King but, of course, minus that ugly and mostly empty head of yours.

Time has changed, indeed. Else a fool like you should be the next in line to accompany my great King to the next Kingdom.

I mean, tell me, cat stealer what are you people good for with exception of, attending our cocoa and coffee plantations and sending you as a gift to our departed great King.

Don't let me hear that any cat or chicken is missing where you're else, I will come and slap the living day light out of you.

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Re: To madam & commandree
Master & Commander
08-15 16:36