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"Wired man-of-God" wanted by Ghana police

Comment: Photocopy

Yaw / Leeds.
2007-07-25 08:50:58
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"Wired man-of-God" wanted by Ghana police

Like the father like son. "Okoto nngo anomaa".His father was bucthered in Uganda due to his dubious deeds both at home and abroad.He was known in his home town,Konongo as 'Yedee ye ya', a closed friend of Idi Amin. This son of a criminal must be arrested and put behind bars before innocent people are deceived.
Yes, it is true that blood is thicker than water. Kojo's activities are the true photocopy of his father, Yadee YeYa

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07-24 16:48
Yaw / Leeds.
07-25 08:50