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"Wired man-of-God" wanted by Ghana police


2007-07-24 23:09:30
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Lady Lola:

I was on my own when I came here. You know when you are young and you are on your own, you really want to be with your country folks. Don't forget that any Ghanaian girl you talk to in Abrokyie wants you to go to church with her for reasons only known to them; after you have become a "real Christian" that is when their "real Character" begins to show up- that will be another story. Hehehe.

I joined this one-man charismatic church and this was our schedule:

Sunday: Morning (9am -1pm) and Evening Services (6:30pm - 8:30pm).

Monday: Leaders' meeting-(7pm -9pm) -Know that for obvious reasons; almost every body was a leader. And as leader, you have to pay your tithe.

Tuesday: Thank God, it is free

Wednesday: Mid-Week Service. 6:30pm - 8:30pm (depending on the preacher)

Thursday: Workers' night meeting 7pm - 9pm)(ie, Men and women fellowships, Ushers, Intercessors, Choir, Sunday School leaders, etc meetings.

Friday: All Night- 10 pm till day break (in this abrokyie, Oh TruePatriot, who bewitched you?)

Saturday: Cell Meetings 7pm - 9pm.

This was happening in Abrokyie here. When I started my undergraduate studies, I was struggling to stay awake in my classes because of all this schedule and my full time work at ...


One Sunday night I went to church and this quiet, but dedicated Christian guy who has just come from Ghana and doing his Masters at my school asked me "Don't you have Chemistry Exams tomorrow?" I told him YES. He looked straight into my eyes and told me he wants us to go out of the church for 5 mins. He then told me -" God or Jesus enjoys in the prosperity of his people, and that includes EXCELLING in your class." He then told me how he was nearly kicked out of his University because of his poor performance until someone advised him to put the Bible away when he comes to the library to study. He came on top of his graduating class (1st class upper) to obtain this scholarship to come to Abrokyie to further his studies. He believed that had he not listened to the person to discipline himself, he would not have excelled in his class to honor and glorify the Lord. He therefore urged me to go back home and study for the exams which I did. For the first time in my first year at my McDonald's University, I aced the exams and that became the turning point of my life.


Why am I telling you this story? I just want to "unchain" someone who might be reading this and is going through the same situation. I believe that most people are being brainwashed into thinking that by spending more time in the church they are doing the Lord's work. There are some married couples who only see their partners on Sundays morning when they are going to church together; even then, you will always hear the man screaming at the wife-- Wo pe late dodo. It is interesting to see them together in their car before entering the church; the man's face looks like a hardened criminal while the lady's face look like "nsuo re be to." Both of them are looking somewhere without talking to each other. If I decide to re-join this church, I can now pay 10x more than the tithe I was paying. Actually, because I listened to this good guy, who is still my best friend and "senior" brother, I am helping more people than I could ever imagined. I thank my God I left that Ghanaman Church. Anytime I see some of the members I pray to God that their minds will be renewed about dead works.

Not that I have lost any faith; I still believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I just don't believe in Ghanaman Churches in Abrokyie; they are just for profits. Period.


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