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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

Comment: AMMA

2007-06-20 10:40:14
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Peace Maker

lol...but i thought you said TODAY? well, constituting a new political party capable of blurring those WHITEMAN'S PUPPETS into primitive obscurity is going to be an arduous task. this is because about 60% of foolish ghanaians are illiterate hence believe that NPP is for ashantis and NDC is for ewes. in their eyes, ghana belongs to these two- you either join one of them or you go left.

there is light at the end of the cave. I, PEACE-MAKER, though, am not interested in african politics due to the grime in which it exists. i would rather stay on the sidelines and fire the cannonade.

just watch, AMA, i'm going to have a brief snooze. by the time i wake, foolish ghanaians would have written tons of rejoinders to indignify I, PEACE-MAKER. had it been a topic on solar energy, only a couple of comments would have been attracted.

send me a list of the GHANAIAN customary rites not CHRISTIAN WEDDING

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