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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

Comment: When Will You Grow Juloh Jato?

Juloh Jato (J.J.)Rawlings
2007-06-20 09:15:08
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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

At 60 and still a fool ? When will you grow up Jato Juloh Rawlings ? It is very saddening to know that with the passage of time, Jato Juloh Rawlings is becoming more stupid than ever. Who do you think at all that you are ? Do you think you are better than the rest of the 22 million Ghanaians of which more than 90% are full blooded Ghanaians ? Who at all made you the spokesman for all the fools in the country ?It is a shame that a so-called govt.-in-waiting (Notorious Demonic Criminals)NDC, are habouring such a lunatic and worshipping him as their leader. Is there nobody among this West African branch of Al-Qaeda (NDC) to advice this Jato fool to learn what to say in public ? Respected guests from all over the world who believe in the socialist doctrine met in Ghana and non of the speakers condemned their home governments. It is only the Ghanaian delegation which found it fit to allow our most stupid clown to disgrace our beloved country by showing his lack of respect for the Ghanaian presidency and civil decorum to rain insults on the ruling government which issued visas to all the visiting guests.Why did Mr. James Ramsey John (the father of Rawlings) leave this his unwanted son behind to terrorize us like that ? What did we peace-loving Ghanaians do to Mr. James Ramsey John at all that to deserve his leaving behind this Koborlor in our midst ? It is now clear that a child who does not get any parental training will always be a burden on society.It is about time that this NPP government stop behaving gentlemanly and start telling this fool that he is not better than the rest of us.

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06-20 02:57
When Will You Grow Juloh Jato?
Juloh Jato (J.J.)Rawlings
06-20 09:15