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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

Comment: Shame on Kuffour & intellects

Kpapko Ghana
2007-06-20 09:10:31
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First Things First

I am sick and tied of Ghanaian stupidity. I mean from the government institutions right up to the President. What is wrong with US? Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's name continues to circle in today's affairs because he was a great thinker and a man of vision. I am very disappointed about the President's comment in London. How primitive and naive of him. 50 years and we still ask everything from the west. We depend on them like leeches. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the AFRICAN. BLACK skin is a CURSE, for sure. How can you all rejoice at mere 10%-12% oil revenue? Imagine all the different opinions so far, however, Ghanaians will not go to war over 12% revenue which is NOTHING.
Folks, I mentioned Nkrumah because this is exactly what he would have done. Kwame will hold off further exploration and production expectations until HE is sure graduate engineers and Ghanaian subject matter experts are trained to manage this find. Kwame will make sure it is 75%-80% Ghanaian controlled before any contractual agreements are in place. Our leaders are blind as Bats. There is no rush for production. Why, by the year 2014 the world economy energy focus will be ethanol, electric, wind and other sources of energy. The poverty on the continent is because we are selfish, foolish and unforgivably annoying. No other continent on this God given earth can match the wealth of this continent. We have brains just like the Whiteman and we allow them to usurp our resources; they say 'oil' and we dance, meanwhile when there are no proceeds towards our development then we realize our folly and then the blame follows. Universities are research institutions to enlighten us on possibilities for our future existence. What is ours for? The lack of, is why the Whiteman is usurping our game and wild fields and resources.
Wake UP! It is a shame to be Black. Stupidity is our demise.

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06-20 02:57
Shame on Kuffour & intellects
Kpapko Ghana
06-20 09:10