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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’


Konto Manu Sakyi
2007-06-20 04:05:16
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I disdaingly admire the ire if Mr. Adda. I think he has been good at taking swipes at all manner of persons including the very people he works with. Behind the facade of a calm face is an uncouth temperament which is ready to go at anythig which contradicts his thinking or convictions. Indeed he is not alone. Just listen to any NPP minister of state and their mouth are full of stenchy talks. I listened to Hackman,Kan Dapaah and the ignoble KT Hammond and I shuddered to imagine the future of Ghana with such ilk of persons in positions of trust.I happened to be at the Parliament House this morning and I was terribly disgusted at the undue politisition of the oil find announced a few days ago. Indeed the Energy Minister was right in formally announcing to the August House this latest oil discovery. Unfortunately, and as is wont of him, he veered off into some useless comments refarding the previous governments so-called dissipation of resources. One expected some kind of cool headedness and the courting of the support of the Minority to help in any way possible to actualise these oil finds. But alas! that opportunity was blown away with lots of diatribe coming from our honorable members of Parliament. At a certain time, the Minister of Interior averred that all these good happenings were taking place because Ghana was under a good leadership. He was quickly brought to order by Dr. Kumbour who aked whether the May 9 disaster could also be linked to the so-called good leadership.

But by far the worst tragedy to befall Parliamernt is the presence of KT Hammond in the August House. This gentleman seems to have no scrupples and did his own thing right under the nose of the Speaker. No doubt the kids who had come to observe the day's proceedings of Parliament seemed to be in so much askance regading this gentleman's behaviour.

What the MP for Jomoro, Lee Ocran, produced from his archives of June 18, 1970 publication of the Graphic which an elated Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources then, R.R. Amponsah, went to Parliament to proclaim the find of oil and gas in potentially significant quantity is of much significance. So yesterday, exactly 37 years on, in the same manner and same trick by the forebears of the NPP's Adda, had gone to Parliament to proclaim the find of oil and gas in potentially significant quantity. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

We are all naturally to be elated by the oil find but the attitude of Energy Minister Joseph Kofi Adda tells us that we should take their so-called oil find with a pinch of salt. Could that be a diversionary tactic to take our minds off the energy crisis and also the debate thereon? Ghanaians lets wise up!!!!!!

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Konto Manu Sakyi
06-20 04:05