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MPs call for masses input in destiny of Africa

Comment: Retarded Africa Held forever

Fifi Joe
2007-05-31 21:23:06
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MPs call for masses input in destiny of Africa

Retarded Africa will be Held in the same place forever. We are so caught and comfortable in poverty and inferior mindedness, we will languish their forever. Fast track development is now a spookey alien concept to the African.

You will think we can make accelerated recovery of lost ground in the world. No! We just keep putting ourselves farther farther behind the curve of phiscal and mental development.

While people are marching forward at supersonic rates, we just choose to mark backwards at the same rate as before.

Retarded Inferior leaders at the helm of a reterded inferior people who would always prefer to wallow in their usual filth, like pigs.

A black skin certainly fits better in a a pigsty-like mud house than a clean house.

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05-31 15:45
Retarded Africa Held forever
Fifi Joe
05-31 21:23