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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

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2007-03-06 05:00:50
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Re: Bogus Economics!

Truthiness, I am glad you have brought up the most important points: the cost feeding and economic of scale. I accept that the central roles of the government in the economy are two fold--- to regulate and provide services. What services are the government providing for poultry farmers? Here in Ontario, the government established a research project on poultry feeding in 1991.The project benefitted poultry farmers a great deal. What is the government doing about the problem of poultry feeding? As for the failure of Ghanaian poultry farmers to come together to form partnerhips or limited liability companies, the problem is cultural.The average Ghanaian does not trust his fellow Ghanaian.Even when two or more Ghanaians form a partnership or private limited liability company one of them may want to defraud the others.I know this from the case of Ashanti Furniture Company. And because the legal system is so weak people who are defrauded hardly get the redress they deserve.
Apart from defrauding one another, the average Ghanain is fond of resorting to spiritual means to get rid of those they don't like. This happens too in business. So like I said, the problem is not just economics. It goes beyond that and I can not withhold my laughter for some of the forum members who are coming out with all kinds of logic and mathematics to show the validity of importing.
Truthiness, let me conclude by saying this: do you think it is advisable for us to entrust the food we eat to foreign countries to produce for us? I am asking this question because of the allegations in connection with the sale of kentucky fried chicken to Black neighbourhoods in the U.S. Also the former president of South Africa,Botha, revealed in a secret cabinet meeting of his ability to manipulate the food supply to Black South Africans. This is what I have to say now. Bye.

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Re: Bogus Economics!
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