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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

Comment: FREAKONOMICS ....

2007-03-05 11:42:58
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You do not know what you are talking about. You are just throwing incorrect "economic" theories out there that really have no basis.
Don't you get it? For the most basic things - canned tomatoes, crabs, etc LOCAL Foodstuff that we have efficiently produced in the past, we are now importing for our neighbors. We cannot survive like this for much longer. The success of any budding in history has never stemmed from their imports of foreign goods (CHECK THE HISTORY BOOKS)- it has always come from the ability of that economy to be self sufficient. Today, over 50% of our annual budgetary allocation comes from foreign donors, the trade laws in Ghana discriminate against Ghanaian businesses and favor foreign competitors ("because we want to attract foreign investment"), even cloth for the official celebration of Ghana @ 50 was imported from China when we have all the textiles companies in Ghana - JTL,ATL,Tema textiles, etc.
What has the government done for Education, healthcare, jobs, NOTHING,NADA, ZERO - you can ask Ghanaians in Ghana and they'd tell you more. What happened to job registration and placement exercise or eradication of cash and carry? Why do you think we have had more strike actions from health working in 6 years than we have ever had hitherto - because the healthcare system is broken. Crime in Ghana is at an all time high - its simply ridiculous!! .. and the you come out here, blinded by your ignorance, and try to explain the "wisdom" in "Kufours economics". Corruption in Ghana today - especially amongst Kufours own mInisters would blow your mind - do you know how many mansions Prof Acquaye has built in 6 years ? You should talk to Ghanaians in Ghana and they'd tell explain the you whats going on there.
Talk about abuse of power - from Anane to the kickback scandal, to all the loan fiascos, to the cocaine scandals, on and on..... and you talk about "Kufours economics" like its the best things to happen to Ghanaians.
We must all study the facts and hold our government of ANY PARTY accountable and not be blind sycophants.

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