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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

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2007-03-05 03:42:47
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You're right to say Ghanaians consume what they do not produce and borrow money from abroad to get anything done. This is partially true as some agricultural products are cultivated, some exported (yams,pinapple, banana, plantain,okros, garden eggs,paw-paw) The presidential initiatives with production of starch from cassave cultivation is yet to materialise. The jatropha plantation project is yet to materialise. Good intentions are there but we seem not to follow through a project to its full fruition and no one seems to know how to correct this phenonmena. If the gov't has initiated "Entry and Resident Permit" specifically aimed at ghanaians overseas and black americans who have just retired or about to retire, they would be encouraged to visit Ghana very often bringing along capital goods to set up some industries to employ iddle hands.The local embassies could streamline the application forms and collection of Entry & Resident Permit which should last for 4-6 years before renewal.If inefficiency and naked corruption is minimized with this system, the scheme could bear fruits in no time.

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