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Kwesi Armah passes on

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So He is gone too!!!!
2006-11-28 08:39:38
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Kwesi Armah passes on

I have taken the time to read the comments, I tink most except for one person, all commentators seem to be born after 1966. Kwesis was equally a good man, but unfortunately betrayed his mentor Nkrumah. He knows this and has carry the pain to his grave. He was his ( Nkrumah's) confidant; we who lived in Ghana in the days of Nkrumah know this, he with the rest Kofi Baako, Kojo Botsio etc betray the trust Kwame had in them. Today when I hear this 'boy' Kweku Baako making yipi yipi, I pity him as most of his admirers don't know what his father did to Kwame. But that is history and life must go one and we must forget and forgive. After all, are they all not gone? Who among us will live forever?

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11-27 15:26
Re: Kwesi Armah passes on
So He is gone too!!!!
11-28 08:39