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Kwesi Armah passes on

Comment: Keep your Soul Marching On.

2006-11-28 01:16:35
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Yesterday, someone met Osagyefo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah om his way to the far younder and the oldman asked the fella"How is Ghana and all those patriots I left behind"? And the fella answered "Our men've perished for "EQUITY" is dead" This was the nick name Kwasi took on to himself as a student when Ghana natinal Secondary School was opened during the hay days in our struggling for independence. Those indominable students stood side by side of their leaders till independence was won. We all knew the part which those young men played in those yesteryears yet in their old ages they were imprisoned by the bastard children of foreigners led by the sadist Rawlings for securing $50,000.00 loan from an Italian financial.OSABARIMA, DANIRIFA DUE,DUE,DUE waye Bi ama oman Ghana da yie.

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11-27 15:26
Keep your Soul Marching On.
11-28 01:16