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Election Prophecies: How many Gods are you serving? – Ghanaian prophets asked

Comment: Election prophesies

Kofi USA
2020-12-01 07:19:20
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Election Prophecies: How many Gods are you serving

Christian council has failed the country. They have allowed satan to parade himself as an angel of light through fake pastors. The bible says man should use six days to work and use one day to worship God, but what do we see in Ghana? Christian's in Ghana are using six days to worship their pastors and church and using only one day to work. Making them poor with broken marriages .This has given the so called pastors the green light to prophesy lies.Look at all night prayer service if you're not lucky and your house is behind a church you will never have a peaceful sleep. Where in the Bible can you find this. Jesus did an all night prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, if he was shouting and yelling how come that the Apostles that were with him able to sleep?. Iam a born again Christian but the way religious noise is going on in Ghana the Christian council should intervene. In America and Europe you can never hear any religious noise. The bible even says if you wanted to pray go inside you chambers and pray to God for he even knows what you are about to say. But go to a church in Ghana and see why?

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Election prophesies
Kofi USA
12-01 07:19