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Election Prophecies: How many Gods are you serving? – Ghanaian prophets asked

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2020-12-01 04:21:39
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Election Prophecies: How many Gods are you serving

Let's get it straight, these people are not 'PROPHETS/MINISTERS' OF THE LIVING GOD! Most of them are Baal Worshipers with multiple gods controlled by Jezebel spirit. Some are diviners, predictors and sorcerers, under the influence of witchcraft demonic spirits so called 'anointing'. They are being paid for what they predict or say! They are not the mouth-piece of the Living God! They speak their minds and observations of current affairs! If they truly are of God, they will not involve themselves in political campaign and predictions whilst the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached and lived by the "little flock", winning souls into the Kingdom of God! Can't you watch? Can't you see? Can't you hear? Look at the lavish lifestyles, arrogant and proud attitudes? Some with heavy body-guards! I wonder whether their body guards have been with them during this epidemic! Search the Scriptures. "Believe not all spirits --not all spirits are of God!" "Many false prophets shall arise and shall deceive MANY!" "Beware of false prophets..they are wolves in sheep's skin". True prophets of God don't hire the services of body-guards. They trusted in the Living God and teach their congregations not to trust in 'man'! Jeremiah 17: 5 but to confidently put their trust in the Living God! Psalm 91. They serve and prophesy humbly under One same LORD God by the Holy Spirit in Jesus' Name! Those we have around us today most of them are not called by the Living God! They are self-styled prophets doing business with their master, the god of this world in the name of Christ! The Ministry is not a job,is 'a Call'! Some Ghanaian prophets' their god is their stomach!Philip. 3: 19. What do they use their money and wealth for? Bragging daily for their uncertain stolen/defrauding riches; cars, houses, heavy bank accounts, engaging services of registered and unregistered prostitutes/women, married or not, businesses, congregational membership etc. Is that the purpose for which sake God ordained His prophets? Some don't even have eternity in mind any more! How many souls have they won for Christ Jesus, feeding them with the Word of God, teaching and training them for Godly living and fruitfulness? How many could hear from God and give warnings to our leaders and the nation about the evils committed in the land without a biased mind? One can only predict good for the party to which he belongs! Any other party to which they don't belong is regarded their enemy if not demonic. They can say or predict even death or anything against such opposing leaders or party members just to destroy them of their reputation, demoralize or discourage them. But if the party to which they belong are doing worst things, even their leaders or members killing or molesting other citizens they can't see, neither publicly speak or talk against or warn the wrong doings. You call such people prophets of God? Not according to Scripture! They serve other gods! They are religious-political sycophants!They don't know their purpose because they are not serving the God of Purpose! They serve a materialistic god of this world! Most Prophets of today are misleading people through 'charms' and evil influences; and need to repent, seek God's face and direction, and do the work of a true prophet. But if they will not do as God's Word says: "... be sure, "Your sin will find you out". Numbers 32: 23.

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Election Prophecies: How many Gods are y
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