General News of Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Source: Daily Graphic

Stop paying lip service to good governance

The Minority leader in Parliament, Mr Alban Sumani Bagbin, has called on the government to stop paying lip-service to good governance and rather work towards the cultivation of values and principles that will underpin the development of an efficient human resource for national development.
According to him, the current administration would bequeath a legacy of the belief that people could get rich quickly without working hard for it.
He said the phenomenon had led to the recent cocaine and other scandals that had rocked the nation and predicted that the worst of the Kufuor administration was yet to come.
?We as politicians must not seek material things; that must not be our obsession. We in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are not after material things.
We are committed to fulfilling the needs and desires of the ordinary person,? he said.
Mr Bagbin was addressing a gathering of the youth and women?s wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Ho during which the youth and women?s committee of the party were formally inaugurated.
He called on members of the NDC to remain faithful and not be tempted to follow the bad examples of the present administration.
He said some members of the party were losing their commitment because of the hardships they were going through under the present regime and exhorted them to resist the temptation to join the NPP, saying ?come what may, good will always prevail over evil?.
Mr Bagbin said the NDC lost the 2004 elections because of lack of vigilance and that as of today, the real results were not known because the NPP was still in power.
He called on all members of the party to remain committed and not to think of joining any new political party as ?you don?t have to commit suicide by joining any new party that can never win power?.
Mr Bagbin charged the rank and file of the party to endeavour to court the press, since they were indispensable in the quest of the party to win the 2008 elections.
He therefore, charged them to treat journalists with respect and dignity rather than needlessly confronting them that antagonized them.
He also called on civil society organizations to hold the government accountable for its stewardship and that if they failed to do that, they would have allowed the government to set a bad precedent, which will not augur well for the development of the nation.
The MP for Tamale South, Mr Haruna Iddrisu, said the Volta Region was not responsible for the crisis of the NDC, since it had remained faithful to the party at all times.
According to him, there was a policy confusion concerning the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and wondered whether Ghanaians were still under cash and carry or NHIS or were secretly dying at home.
He said the government did not follow the due process in the implementation of the NHIS and that the budget for the NHIS had to be presented to Parliament for approval every fiscal year, but this was not being done, which is a major policy failure.
He said the NHIS would not be viable with the payment of a ?72,000-premium annually. ?We are not saying the NHIS is bad but we are saying it ought to be undertaken with due care and diligence?.