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Dying homeless man endures harsh weather conditions as family rejects him

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
2020-11-22 23:59:26
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Re: The church, losing it value to serve

What is wrong with some Ghanaians on this site? You cannot comment without an insult?
Many of us have become critical of the churches especially, and some mosques. Don't you know or read about how the one-man churches are milking the poor and the needy. Go to Ghana and see how rich the supposed "Men and Women of God" are getting richer and the poor are languishing in poverty? Even the well-established churches are guilty of such wrongs. Why do the churches take tithes from poor widowers and widows as well as poor orphans? Even from people who can hardly put food on the table with the threat that if they do not pay, they shall not be buried in the Christian way which will let them go to hell? Do you know the evil That "Christianity did in Africa, Central America, and North America? What Islam in Africa and the Middle East?

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11-22 15:41
Frank Agyena-Karikari
11-22 23:59