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Dying homeless man endures harsh weather conditions as family rejects him

Comment: The church, losing it value to serve

Kwamina Soweto.
2020-11-22 18:40:38
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Dying homeless man endures harsh weather condition

The churches in Ghana are losing it mandates to serve God's people. Pulpit greed and gospel bandits are leading the churches these days. We spend millions to decorate the church buildings, pushing the needy and the poor to suffer till they die. 90% of Ghanaians who are in the ordained ministry are there to escape hardship and enrich themselves. God bless father Campbell, for being a true servant of God. The church is becoming useless day-in and- day out like a political party. The church should go back to the basics, and care for the needy, if not, God will judge us harshly. The church should be a place for the sick and needy, both in spirit and body, and not a palace for the rich and powerful. For God is watching us.

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11-22 15:41
The church, losing it value to serve
Kwamina Soweto.
11-22 18:40