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Entertainment of Friday, 18 August 2006

Source: Heritage

Female Condoms Now A Fashion

FEMALE condoms, which are selling around ¢500.00 per one, have been a mad rush for women since the early part of this year for a purpose the inventors would never have imagined.
They have proved handy as fashion accessories. Some use the flexible plastic rings on the tips of the condoms as bangles and seamstresses are using the rings for new embroidery designs.
Reports indicate that the female condom is getting increasingly popular at Tema, Ashiaman, Nima and Kanda. This reporter visited some leading pharmaceutical shops including Ernest Chemists, Vicdoris Pharmaceutical and Satea Pharmacy who confirmed the story that now, patronage has increased from two to ten pieces per lady.
According to Ben, a pharmacist at Satea Pharmacy in Tema, the patronage of female condoms was very low unlike its male counter part, but suddenly there has emerged a rush for it by ladies and he wondered what they use it for. “When I realized they were using it for bangles, I got infuriated and dedcided not to sell it again” adding that, in order not to think they are “spoilt girls” they open it and wear it right in front of you.
He said the female condom looks more cumbersome for its usage than the male condom which is much easier to use. “I will rather urge the promotion of male condoms so that producers of the female condom will stop producing for its wrong usage,” he said.
“But let’s not forget that this wrong usage has also served as a cover-up for ladies who intend actually using it for the right purpose: sexual intercourse” he added.
Sandra Ahiakonu, a lady, when interviewed on why she was wearing it, answered: “I saw it on other ladies and decided to wear them too; they are attractive and match anything you wear”.
Mary’s view was that, bangles which range from ¢5,000 to ¢ 25,000 are too expensive for her to buy; “I only need ¢2,000 and I will get four in a row to wear”. She said when she removes the rings from the condom, she puts them in hot water to get rid of the oil after that she adds colour to them and wear.
Truly, until they tell you they got them from the female condom, you wouldn’t know. “Education on the use of female condom should be intensified in order to create the right awareness among women”, says Nancy Ocansey, a nurse. She continued that while the usefulness of the male condom is widely publicized in multi advertising campaigns, little is heard of the female condom.
She said those who have tried it also complain of having difficulties inserting it and that its size is intimidating.
Now, the question is: Who did the additional invention of making it an item of fashion?

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