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Lawyer for Menzgold customers threatens to sue state over locked-up funds

Comment: About time

2020-10-24 05:12:47
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Lawyer for Menzgold customers threatens to sue sta

Well it’s about time someone stood up for the public!! This should have been addressed a long time ago!! These sort of pop up financial businesses should be slammed down as soon as possible so they don’t have a chance to financially damage the public to the extreme it has!! Menzgold was a well known fact , it was highly publicised and the talk of the town!! It was allowed to function for years!! To which the government knew of and allowed this to carry on!! they are definitely to blame by not stopping it in it tracks straight away, the financial issues that this has caused should never have happened!! It is the governments JOB to protect the people! This goes for all the financial bogus businesses!!

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10-23 17:23
About time
10-24 05:12