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Lawyer for Menzgold customers threatens to sue state over locked-up funds

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2020-10-23 18:00:36
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I totally agree with you. I've always wondered why Menzgold clients lack the will to drag Menzgold to court and demand their pound of flesh and always asking GOG to come to their rescue. After all this was a private business transaction and most of all an unregulated one. It's as if Menzgold clients don't think they can win in court otherwise why haven't they chosen that route from day one. No hard feelings to Menzgold clients though, it's tough when your investments evaporate into thin air overnight.

I've been asking for a brave Menzgold client to put his/her contract out there for us to see what they actually signed on to. A bird whispered into my ear that I would be surprised people who should have known better signed onto such. SMH

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