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Bawumia schools Mahama on what NPP loans were used for

Comment: Ghanaians are very discerning.

2020-10-21 15:50:34
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Bawumia schools Mahama on what NPP loans were used

Bawumia, EVERY GOVERNMENT inherits debts from the PREVIOUS Administration and deepens the debt portfolio by contracting loans to realize the aspirations of its manifesto. In consequence, Mahama left with a debt portfolio of 50 INCLUSIVE of the loans his Administration contracted. You Administration has, so far, contracted a loan of 150 billion with FREE SHS TAKING A PITTANCE of ONLY 3 billion. Your Administration is NOW CUTTING SODS!!! Which REASONABLE MIND will swallow your lame explanations when you had previously indicated that Ghana under NPP will NEVER borrow? Sir, Ghanaians are very discerning.

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10-20 10:39
Annan wisdom
10-20 17:48
Ghanaians are very discerning.
10-21 15:50