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African countries to pay less in customs duties from 2021 - AfCFTA Secretary-General

Comment: Africa scientists are sleeping

2020-10-20 03:34:19
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African countries to pay less in customs duties fr

We don't have the technology to produce anything. China can produce everything. Africa is rich in natural resources but the continent is lacked of thinkers. God has blessed Africa with natural resources but we Africans can't use our brains to utilize all these God giving natural resources. The land is very rich abundance of water but the FOOLS are thirsty. We have been beggars since time of creation. 21st century many Africans can't get basic common clean water to drink. Many villages in Ghana don't have toilets, many have no places to sleep while politicians driving SUVS on dusty potholes roads. Our Africa leaders have brought disasters to mother land. The continent is rich but citizens are suffering from poverty because of bad leaderships. We depend on Westerners, and Chinese to survive. Chinese are mining our gold, bauxite, silver, oil, diamonds, and even building our roads for us. Where are our African scientists, engineers? Arise black man you have been down for so long.

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