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General News of Monday, 5 October 2020


Crazy sanctions given to persons who defy coronavirus protocols by some countries

Ghana is among the countries in the world who are doing everything possible to flatten the Coronavirus curve with the implementation of some safety protocols which are sure to reduce and prevent the transmission of the deadly virus.

One major challenge in some parts of the world has been with the compliance of the laid down protocols by the government and the Health Ministry.

Reports indicate that majority of the population pay little or no attention to COVID-19 protocols like the wearing of nose masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing.

In some parts of the world, security agencies and task forces have had to employ the use of draconian sanctions all in a bid to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Below are a list of some craziest sanctions meted out to COVID-19 protocol offenders


In Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia who has been greatly hit by the virus, the government has imposed strict measures to ensure a reduction in cases.

To ensure compliance with safety protocols, authorities in various cities in Indonesia have saddled offenders with the digging of graves where persons who died of COVID-19 are being buried.

These actions go a long way to prove to persons who still insist that the virus is not real, come to terms with it.

Local authorities in Gresik regency and East Java order persons who were without noise masks to dig graves for persons who have died of Coronavirus at a public cemetery. Way to go!

This was reported by the

Clearing of gutters

Most countries have taken a no-nonsense approach against offenders although some reports indicate that COVID-19 has increased human rights abuse.

In July this year, some COVID-19 protocol defaulters were made to clean drains and gutters for failure to wear a nose mask in parts of the capital of Accra which was a major hot-spot with the unset of COVID cases.

These punishments are believed to serve as a deterrent to others as some countries have recorded overwhelming cases of the virus.

Standing under the scorching sun

I bet you know exactly how it feels being exposed to the scorching sun, you don’t need to be told.

It is good to note that, the virus can be widely transmitted from an infected person to several others and for that matter, carriers of the virus who do not wear their mask properly or visit public places without a mask have the tendency of spreading it to others.

Local authorities in Indonesia who made violators stand under the sun for several minutes said it was to test the ‘physical endurance’ of offenders.

Clearing of weeds on the Streets

The Sunyani COVID-19 Prevention Taskforce also compelled persons who were caught without wearing a nose mask to weed the parts of the bushy streets in the Municipality as a form of punishment.

It is advisable to wear a nose mask whenever you find yourself in public transport or public space.

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