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UEW honorary award will dishonour you; reject it! – IMANI tells Speaker

Comment: Whitewashing A Sepulchre

2020-09-29 13:46:31
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UEW honorary award will dishonour you; reject it!

The attempt by UEW to honour The Right Honourable Speaker is like whitewashing a stinking tomb to hide the horrible stench. In today's parlance, one may call it "Social Engineering" aimed at hiding the numerous illegalities, human rights abuses, nepotism, divide-and-rule tactics, disregard for the Rulings of the Supreme Court which overturned the Judgments of the High Court, Winneba, and many other infractions. This particular stinking award is glaringly self-serving!!! I pray that the Rt. Hon. Speaker will shelve this dishonor to a future date when posterity will give him a Standing Ovation for lifting higher his zeal for human rights, truth and justice. May God be your Helper Mr. Speaker in making an INFORMED decision.

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