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National strike looms

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2006-06-06 16:48:57
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National strike looms

Reading the few hundreds of vitriol laden attacks from MAFIA, KWEKU AGYEI, etc. makes me feel like a saint. It is all about the truth which they do not want you to know. Capitalizing on social trends is hardly a new phenomenon. People such as those who attack all Non-Ashantis have struck gold by tapping into collective fears and festering anger. Is it possible that y?all are incredibly stupid rather than becoming malicious liars ? come to think of it, perhaps you are both. The sad news is that an unrelenting barrage of corruption and scare mongering pisses some of us off. Unfortunately, the sick people i.e., Kwaku Agyei,Mafia are easily manipulated and bamboozled into submission thinking that the world is just a corrupt place and if we?re being led by corrupt 2009 Nsawam Prison bound leaders, there is no sense fighting it because that is just the way things work. Well, guess what? You are dead wrong. I call it as I see it. Given a choice between the Noble Decent Citizens (NDC) and Narcotic Puking Peddlers (NPP), I?d choose the former. At least, they have the brains. Stupidity is far more dangerous than intelligence. Combine it with stubbornness and you have a recipe for disaster as it is happening in Ghana right now. Well, Kweku and Mafia ? this is beaten down, crushed, "abused spouse" thinking. And you gotta get away from the abuser before your thinking will clear up. You gotta get away from the barrage of evil for a few days, every once in a while, to clear your head. Get away from the cultist brain-washing. Get with some good people and talk life and family and wholesome fun. Tune the liars and their mind-numbing crap off for a few days and have some laughs. And when you come back , you'll once again be the person you really are. You'll be able to think and feel normal again. You can join our crusading fold and then, take action to muck out the putrid mess that will, once again, reek in your rejuvenated sense of smell?.See, and I did not insult you today.

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J B Nyamekeh
06-06 13:03
Re: National strike looms
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