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National strike looms

Comment: Alhaji

Daniel Agbaviade-U.S
2006-06-06 15:14:50
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Thanks for your correction and piece od advice. Maybe, I was exhausted. Hopefully, I'll bounce back and contribute meaningfully next time. I humbly accept all criticisms. Yes, I know Doctors have to meet their ends but the truth still remains that most workers have pushed the gorvernment too far to the walls of bricks, and thus the central government has reached its last elastic limit. Remember TEWU are also on strike and the same government ought to listen to theri plight before they go back to the classrooms to teach our srudents for us. Additionally, the government has a bigger responsibility to develop the economy of Ghana to attract investors. Don't get me wrong;I'm not saying Doctors shouldn't be paid well. All I'm saying is at the moment the country doesn't have much to offer much. Again, the national cake must be distributed and shared equally for all employees/sectors, and not Doctors alone. Maybe, it'll be prudent if we start printing our own currency in Ghana. That way(as some may think) there' ll be enough legal tender in Ghana. LOL ! Several workers are zooming the government with countless strike actions and demanding more, but have they ever thought of the source of the money ? We have to apply our Economic here:The higher demand, the higher taxes. And cost of living will eventually commence to gallop to the apex hiperly. Our elementary Economics teaches us that the lower the price(L-the px)of a commodity, more quantityqt of the said commodity is demanded(dd) and vice-vera. In the same scenario, the lesser the salary, the more the said workers demand to enrich themselves. And as the central government pays more, she turns back to tax the same workers she give more high. In effect, it means more money in hand but one one s compared to spend more. It means whatever salary increament the goverment offers, she' ll surely get it back from the pockets of the same worker through taxation and high cost of essential commodities/living. Can we afford not to pay electricity, telephone, water, etc bills ? By the way, being a Doctors is like being a Pastor, Teacher-one need not demean his/her profession because of scanty salary he/she's paid. Because it's purely sacrificial job. Their reward, they say, is in heaven. Oh, who cries for farmers, drivers, house-helps, etc ? None. I pray farmers and drivers never strike, else we shan't be able to eat or travel. Our lovely Doctors are asking for more but they don't pay their maids/house-helps well. Shame ! It's a high time the governmen took all bangallows from the Doctors, police and all workers who dd on-compound housing.All workers must be told to live in their own houses and pay their own rent. That's what's done elsewhere. I salute farmers, drivers and laborers. Not doctors at all.

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J B Nyamekeh
06-06 13:03
Daniel Agbaviade-U.S
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